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The Rotary Club of Ottawa is now a member of the Impact Hub Ottawa community where we are holding our meetings and connecting with other community builders here in the capital.


We are offering Club meetings 4 times a month – 2 midday meetings and 2 early evening meetings with new engaging meeting formats that give our members increased opportunity for friendship and meeting times that are convenient for younger Rotarians who work, female Rotarians with family commitments, as well as current and prospective members.


Upcoming Club Meetings & Events

Please be advised that because of the pandemic, the Rotary Club of Ottawa has moved its meetings online.  We welcome you to join us, please contact us and we will invite you!
John Clipsham has announced his retirement from Rotary.
John's contributions to the Club and Rotary International have been numerous since 1994, and much appreciated.
John has been both an active member, and a Director on the board of directors of the Rotary Club of Ottawa. He served as treasurer for 22 years - from 1995 to 2017.
On top of hours of service to the Rotary Club of Ottawa, John has been active with Rotary International. He was invited by Rotary International to participate as a volunteer professional auditor of major international grant projects in Turkey and the Middle East. Subsequently he also assisted the Atashir Rotary club in Istanbul successfully set up a micro bank project and arranged for used lab equipment from Dynacare to be shipped from Canada to a hospital in Bursa. He also organized a Matching Grant project with the Rotary club of Nairobi funding for a local school in need near Mt. Kenya. And finally, John spent two years working with Rotary International as a member of their international audit planning committee for major matching grant projects.
Therefore, it is our honour and pleasure to announce that the Board of the Rotary Club of Ottawa has decided to name John an Honourary Member for the Rotary Club of Ottawa. Please join us in congratulating him!

We are marking the end of an era for the Rotary Club of Ottawa as we bid happy trails to a stalwart of the Club: Margot Nicholls.  Margot has worked on contract with the Club since September of 1990 and her contributions to the operations of the Club and the Adventures in Citizenship program will be remembered for many years to come.
Margot remembers being engaged on a six-month trial basis by then President Blair Davidson. She was 34 years old at the time and often times the only woman in the room in the male dominated club of 150 members. This was a different time in Rotary! Now, over 30 years later Margot has served with 29 Presidents and prides herself on her ability to adapt to the different personalities and offer whatever support they needed.
Margot has many fond Rotary memories.
In the 1990s the Club was responsible for the Easter Seals campaign for Eastern Ontario. Margot helped run the Easter Seal mail campaign from the Rotary Office, and later organized and produced the Easter Seal Telethon, and the Easter Seal Parade that took place down Rideau Street and Elgin Street.
The Ottawa Rotary Home was already in operation at the Rochester Street location when Margot joined the club, however, in future years the Club undertook the campaign to build the current Ottawa Rotary Home with an adult wing located on Rotary Way.  Many members, including Margot, made significant contributions both in volunteer hours, project management, and financial commitment, to see this happen.  As she remembers, the Club ran a marvelous campaign and they got it done!
Travelling to Kingston, Jamaica with a Rotary contingent after a delivery of incubators for newborns at the Kingston Hospital, Margot remembers being treated like royalty in Jamaica and meeting with the Governor.
Port-a-Potties for the Pope!  Upon the visit of the Pope to Toronto for World Youth Day 2002.  Gib Patterson brought the Club the fundraising opportunity to earn $10,000 if we would look after a section of port-a-potties at the gathering of over 800,000 people for three days.  So, Margot joined the contingent of Club members. She remembers sleeping under open air tents with air mattresses, cots or whatever they could bring and did that messy job for those 3 days.
Margot remembers travelling to Evanston, Illinois to Rotary Headquarters with Eva Hammond for a meeting of large clubs.  Eva secured them a private meeting with then President of Rotary International, Richard King. Eva was a dynamic leader and was honored as one of top 100 Rotary Presidents in the world.  Hence the private meeting!
Margot will greatly miss organizing the phenomenal Rotary Adventure in Citizenship Program with all of its stresses and joys.
Margot’s knowledge and skills have been an invaluable resource for our members. Moreover, Margot really does know everybody in the Club, and she knows how to get things done. A favour asked of Margot will always be answered with a ‘yes’, because she’s the kind of person who is respected. Her service to our Club has allowed us to serve our community and have an impact on the hundreds of young people in the Adventures in Citizenship program.
Thank you, Margot! Thank you for being here – you made our Rotary experience so much easier.
Dr. Margaret Hansen-des Groseilliers’ cheerful greeting of fellow Rotarians at weekly club meetings and other events was always welcomed. The gesture came easily to her because she shared with these other members an enthusiasm for Rotary and its ideals for community service, the reason she joined the Rotary Club of Ottawa in 1993, later becoming its first female president. 
Margaret died on June 11, 2020 from cancer.
Born in Saskatoon and raised in a northern Manitoba farming community with her three siblings, Margaret studied optometry in Toronto, where she also met her future husband, Dr. Roland des Groseilliers, also a Rotarian. After marrying, they settled in Ottawa sharing an optometric practice and raising three daughters.
Margaret loved practicing optometry, but retirement after 42 years gave her the chance to explore her many other interests, such as travelling. Early in her professional career she went to the James Bay region to supervise a vision clinic. She continued to see more of the world because of Roland’s work with the World Council of Optometry (WCO), including its presidency. In winter, Margaret and Roland were Canadian snowbirds in Tubac, Arizona.
As a Rotarian, Margaret’s abundant energy helped to build and support Rotary’s goals. In addition to the club’s presidency in 1998, she chaired the Rotary Club of Ottawa’s annual Adventures in Citizenship program, hosted international high school students participating in the Rotary Youth Exchange Program, chaired the Board of the Ottawa Rotary Home, and supported countless Rotary projects all around the world. As a “Visiting Rotarian” with a Tubac club, she actively participated in an “End Polio Now” campaign in Hermosillo, Mexico.
She called her Rotary service “rewarding.”
Margaret left a parting message to family, friends and colleagues: “Please don’t dwell on my leaving. Instead, think about the happy times we shared; plant a tree in my memory; enjoy a Three Rivers Cocktail; serve your community in the best way you can and, if you are fortunate enough to do so, choose your own final adventure at the end of this long and wonderful road called life.”
Margaret is survived by her husband Roland and their daughters: Dr. Danielle Staresinic (Charles and their children Amelia, Alex, Juliet and Edward), Manon (Hope Celani and their son Henry) and Jennifer (her children Thomas, Connor, Kegan and Abigail Laurie Rose). Plus, her many friends in Rotary, in Ottawa and around the world.
On Sunday February 9th, the Rotary Club of Ottawa provided 10 dictionaries from the Dictionaries for Life Program to Linda Redekopp of the Ottawa Mennonite Refugee Association (OMRA). OMRA supports the housing needs of 25 refugee families.
Two boys who received illustrated dictionaries from Rotary Club of Ottawa.

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We’re also proud to announce a new Rotary Peace Center at Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda — our first peace center in Africa — as well as exciting changes to the professional development certificate program. Learn more about the certificate program and our new peace center here.

Send any questions about the fellowship program to Thank you for your dedication to the Rotary Peace Centers and your help educating Rotary members and your community about the fellowships.

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Adventure in Citizenship Programme / Redécouvrons Notre Citoyenneté
April 25 – 29, 2020
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