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The Rotary Club of Ottawa is now a member of the Impact Hub Ottawa community where we are holding our meetings and connecting with other community builders here in the capital.


We are offering Club meetings 4 times a month – 2 midday meetings and 2 early evening meetings with new engaging meeting formats that give our members increased opportunity for friendship and meeting times that are convenient for younger Rotarians who work, female Rotarians with family commitments, as well as current and prospective members.


Upcoming Club Meetings & Events

Please be advised that because of the pandemic, the Rotary Club of Ottawa has moved its meetings online.  We welcome you to join us, please contact us and we will invite you!
On Sunday February 9th, the Rotary Club of Ottawa provided 10 dictionaries from the Dictionaries for Life Program to Linda Redekopp of the Ottawa Mennonite Refugee Association (OMRA). OMRA supports the housing needs of 25 refugee families.
Rotarian John Lark with Grace Amale and her two sons Duku and Banja.

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These resources can help you find candidates for this fellowship:

Take the All About the Rotary Peace Fellowships course to learn about qualification requirements, eligibility restrictions, the application process, and more.

Send emails to your contacts with this fellowship announcement.

Use our referral form to tell us about potential candidates, and we’ll follow up with them.

Candidates have until 31 May to submit applications to their districts. Districts have until 1 July to submit endorsed applications to The Rotary Foundation.

We’re also proud to announce a new Rotary Peace Center at Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda — our first peace center in Africa — as well as exciting changes to the professional development certificate program. Learn more about the certificate program and our new peace center here.

Send any questions about the fellowship program to Thank you for your dedication to the Rotary Peace Centers and your help educating Rotary members and your community about the fellowships.

Rotary Peace Centers

Reducing Infant and Maternal Deaths in Zimbabwe

The Rotary Club of Ottawa is working with the Sunnybrook Health Center in Toronto and the Harare Dawn Rotary Club, Zimbabwe, to arrange for the shipment of 32 infant incubators to Harare for installation at the main hospital. These have been donated by Sunnybrook and have been packed into 3 shipping containers. The Harare hospital lost their infant incubators in a fire earlier this year. The transportation cost is CAD$24,000 and the Rotary Club of Ottawa is anxious to work with interested Rotary Clubs to have the incubators shipped in January of 2020. 
Thank you so much to the generous Rotarians who contributed to this very successful effort in support of R.E. Wilson School.  With your help we filled 3 hampers with lots and lots of gifts!  They were delivered to the school this past Monday and received with much appreciation.
Here is a picture of the finished hampers.

Meeting Venue & Hours

Mondays at 12:00 NOON, alternating Mondays at 5:30 PM
Impact Hub Ottawa
123 Slater Street, 6th Floor
Ottawa, ON  K1P 5H2

(613) 860-1521
(613) 445-6438
District Site
Watch: Italian clubs aim to protect hospital workers responding to COVID-19

Rotary clubs in districts across Italy worked together to procure state-of-the-art equipment needed to combat the deadly coronavirus disease for 26 hospitals around the country.

Rotaract rising

The ongoing evolution of Rotaract is redefining its place within Rotary.

Kenyan Rotarians take action to prevent spread of COVID-19 

Rotary clubs in East Africa are forging partnerships to provide hand washing stations and food in areas where social distancing is a luxury that few can afford.

Italian club uses expertise to aid in coronavirus fight

Members help launch site so merchants can sell goods, organize supplies to make sanitizer, and provide food to health care workers.

Adventure in Citizenship Programme / Redécouvrons Notre Citoyenneté
April 25 – 29, 2020
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