President's Message
Kateri Clark - Club President 2018-2019
I want to first thank you for your interest in the Rotary Club Ottawa. I am so very excited about what we have accomplished and where we are going!
I joined the Rotary Club of Ottawa with limited knowledge of what being a Rotarian meant. I knew my grandfather was a proud Rotarian for decades in Saskatchewan and that Rotary was a group of business people that had a weekly meeting, that the programs were interesting, and that Rotary was somehow involved with service to our community.
It didn't take long to learn about the many wonderful things Rotary International is accomplishing. From polio vaccines for millions of children each year to life-changing student exchange programs to solving problems all over the world designed to improve the quality of life for others, Rotary has an incredible story of taking on amazing projects.
Locally, our club does so much for Ottawa, Canada and the world, helping local organizations in need, giving young Canadians an Adventure in Citizenship, helping build and sustain the Ottawa Rotary Home, just to name a few. I am very proud to be part of a group that is so willing to help when asked. I will forever remember the way the club stepped up to sponsor two refugee families from Syria.
The 2018-2019 Rotary International theme is "Be the Inspiration". I absolutely love that theme because Rotary truly inspires change – in ourselves, our community and the world. This year I have challenged our Club to Innovate, Advocate and Collaborate as we continue to be a resource for local organizations in need of help; continue to support the development of young leaders in Canada, and to continue to provide interesting and informative programs each week.
Join us to Be the Inspiration and serve others through Rotary!
Kateri Clark
President, 2018-2019