Supporting people with disabilities in Kasese District, Uganda
This is a project being led by the Rotary Club of West Ottawa who are submitting an application for a Global Grant from Rotary International.  The grant will support people with disabilities (PWDs) in Uganda by providing them with assistive devices to enable them to gain independence and to meet their need for mobility, communication and economic empowerment. They are one of the most vulnerable groups and they do not receive any government or social assistance. Most of them have not attended schools because of physical and attitudinal barriers they face as well as a lack of resources and trained teachers in schools. Hence, they do not have a regular source of income and, because of their disabilities, they are unable to engage in farming or other activities.  Objectives of the project are:
  •  To provide assistive devices to people with disabilities;
  •  To help children with disabilities pursue education;
  •  To provide vocational training to youth with disabilities; and,
  •  To support youth, women and men with disabilities to engage in income-generating activities.
Total project budget is US$36,570.  RCO contibution - $2000