Kenyan Ebenezer Children's Home Project

Update - November 2017

The dormitory was completed within budget and officially opened on April 22, 2017. The first batch of mentally & physically disabled kids will start arriving at the Home as soon as a qualified caretaker has been recruited, likely early in the new year.

This is a project led by the Rotary Club of Toronto.  The Ebenezer Children's Home has been operating for the last 22 years and was built to provide love, care, shelter and protection for HIV/AIDS orphaned & homeless children. Now, the Home has needs to meet the demand to provide shelter to the ever increasing number of additional physically and mentally challenged children. Since inception, 628 children have called Ebenezer home and most have successfully been integrated into the community. Such success stories include supporting 106 children through high school, 9 attending colleges, 16 pursuing careers in policing, 20 receiving training in the National Youth Service and 2 are certified as dental surgeons.  
The Rotary Club of Toronto ensures that money gets safely transferred for the project through the Rotary Club of Nairobi. The goal this year is to raise $55,000 which will provide adequate funding for the renovations including building a septic tank for waste water, finishing the building interior, electrical installations, medical room, bathrooms, toilets, dining hall, landscaping, and a paved path for children in wheelchairs and purchase of furniture (bedding, mattresses, tables, chairs). RCO contibution - $2000.