A main highlight of the year 2014 was the putting in place of an International Centennial Project to help celebrate our club's 100th anniversary and to to complement what our club is doing to support disadvantaged students in Ottawa with Operation Come Home.
The International project involves providing two $500 annual scholarships to two disadvantaged high school level girls in Uganda over a five year period, a total of $5000.  These scholarships will permit these two girls to complete their high school level studies when they might otherwise not have been able to do so. These scholarships also represent a continuation of previous assistance to the Kicwamba High School which the girls attend.  Working with the Rotary Club of New Glasgow, our club had previously helped improve the infrastructure of the school.  The girls are doing well in school.

Update - November 2017
The School sent the following report:   
Hullo Jeanine, Peter, Angela and Mark!
How is life going on in Canada? in Uganda here, we are now in wet season which begun in late September 2017 and farmers are busy planting and weeding. I thank all of you for your encouraging messages to us and to the girls Catherine and Joan, we are also hopeful in their performance. I am very grateful having learnt that weather in canada is calm and enjoyable. We also consider yourselves being lucky, when we hear about disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes and even the current fires in California, we really feel touched and pray that these disasters don't come to you. We are coming towards to the mid of 3rd term but where Uganda National examinations have commenced early this morning with first paper of physics, where, Joan is a candidate of the same exams (S.4). Kindly receive mock results for Joan, however, sent lately to you but i do apologize for this delay. Best wishes to you and all other members of Rotary Clubs in Canada. Regards, Tumwine Edmund.

Update - August, 2017
The School sent the following report:       
Hello Jeanine, Peter and Angela! 
How is life going on in Canada? Uganda is still very hot experiencing sunny days. We have finally come to the end of 2nd term that closed on 25th August 2017 and next term will begin on 18th September 2017 that will run up to 8th December 2017. Kindly receive the attached copies of report cards for Joan and Catherine. May the blessings of almighty be with you all the time. Regards, Tumwine Edmund.     
Joan's Report:
Catherine's Report:

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