Posted on Jan 30, 2019


On Monday, February the 4th at 12:00 noon at the Rotary Club of Ottawa’s luncheon meeting there will be a presentation.

The topic: "Courage, specifically, what it means to live with courage and the results one may achieve by doing so".

The speaker is Derian Tuitt.

Derian is a Certified Expert Speaker, Amazon Bestselling Author, Coach, Real Estate Expert and Professional Accountant. He goes by the moniker Mr. Unstoppable due to his courage and knack of overcoming adverse circumstances. From being born in poverty to building a multi 7-figure real estate portfolio, Derian will leave you inspired, energized and feeling unstoppable. He is tenacious, resilient, persistent and powerful. He is also the creator of the One-Year Exit Strategy (O-YES), designed to help you replace your income so you can quit your job and still take care of your family without losing the shirt off your back. Derian is determined to make this world a better place for his granddaughter, Nadia.