For information on more ways to contribute to this worthy charity we have provided an overview of numerous charitable giving options

Wills, bequests & legacies; tributes & memorials

Wills: Leaving a bequest/legacy to a charity in your will can be an excellent way of supporting your profession after you are gone. Naming the Ottawa Rotary Club Children’s Foundation as a beneficiary in your will can reduce your estate tax and immeasurably benefit the Foundation and the projects it supports.

Download a copy of the Bequests & Legacy form.

Tributes: When you make a gift to Children’s Foundation in the form of a tribute, the person or estate you are honouring will receive a letter with text that reads: the Ottawa Rotary Club Children’s Foundation is grateful to be the recipient of a contribution donated by (donor’s name) in support of important community and international projects that benefit children/ youth.

Memorials: Would you like to make a donation to honour a loved one or a valued colleague; or designate the Foundation as the recipient of donations in lieu of flowers to a remembrance ceremony? We would be happy to work with you to make individual arrangements for a sensitive situation in your life.

Download a copy of the Tributes & Memorials form.

Workplace giving programs

Dollars can be donated to the Foundation through workplace charitable campaigns such as United Way. These contributions are either onetime gifts or can be automatically set up to go through payroll deduction, a program where employees choose specific amounts to be deducted from their paycheques and specific charities to receive their gifts. Write Rotary Club Children’s Foundation and charitable #xxxx on your United Way pledge form. Thank you for your ongoing commitment to the Rotary Club Children’s Foundation!

Employers – Match that donation!

Create a sense of community and enthusiasm by providing your employees with details on the countless ways that Rotary has given back. Promise that you will match every dollar they raise for a specific project.

Other ways of donating to the Foundation

Stocks / Securities

Donors may consider stocks and securities as an alternative to cash donations to the Ottawa Rotary Club Children’s Foundation. Some reasons why:

  • if you sell stock for cash, you pay the government capital gains taxes on the appreciated amount;
  • donating stock eliminates capital gains taxes and provides the donor with a tax deductible receipt for the full market value of the securities.

Gifts of Real Estate

Deeding land, a residence or a vacation property to Ottawa Rotary Club Children’s Foundation will provide substantial income for the Foundation, while saving you the cost of capital gains taxes, and estate taxes. Please consult with a legal professional for the appropriate forms.

Gifts of Life Insurance

Naming the Ottawa Rotary Club Children’s Foundation as the owner of a life insurance policy that is no longer required for your personal financial security or the security of your family can result in a significant charitable income tax deduction. If it is a policy for which all payments are current, you will be entitled to a tax deduction equal to the cost basis of the policy. Were you to make a gift of a policy that hasn’t been paid in full, you would still be entitled to a tax deduction roughly equal to the policy’s cash surrender value.

You can also name the Ottawa Rotary Club Children’s Foundation as a beneficiary or a partial beneficiary of a policy you retain.

Gifts of Tangible Personal Property

Works of art, jewelry, equipment, and collections can be contributed with the appraised value of the property providing an income tax deduction for the donor.

For more information about how you can make your money work for you and for the Ottawa Rotary Club Children’s Foundation, please call (613) 860-1521 or email: information on this website is provided for general awareness purposes only. For advice and assistance in specific cases, we recommend you seek the services of a legal and/or financial advisor.